About us

Jumping Clay® appeared in 1998 in South Korea and is used all over the world, by children from 3 years old. Its success and educational concept arose from programs created to demonstrate versatility and superior qualities.

Jumping Clay® is the result of 25 years of research and development, which resulted in the production of a new and innovative material, a modeling clay with unique properties and differentiated applications associated with the concept of Educating through Art.

From the first day, the brand’s main concern was to test the products combined with their demonstration, which is why it supported distribution in an initial phase, where all those involved acted as ambassadors of the brand, offering the market professional animation and entertainment services. , based on workshops and different formats of activities, always in a pedagogical, fun and therapeutic way.


Jumping Clay® defines its position with a philosophy of Education through Art, occupying a prominent place in the originality and execution of this concept.

We are the original creators and pioneers of this concept, which others can only try to replicate!

Plasticine is recognized as one of the most important artistic methods in the formation and cognitive development of children and in therapeutic rehabilitation programs. It allows working on artistic expression in 3 dimensions, expressing details and using different color combinations that enrich the presentation.

This is a toy capable of integrating occupational therapy activities and learning processes.