Make your creations with Jumping Clay® modeling clay and play safely!

The colors blend together perfectly! Jumping Clay® is available in 9 base colors and 6 special colors.
Mix the colors to create more!
Jumping Clay® is gluten free and can be used by people with severe and moderate allergies to major allergens.
Talk to us if you have any questions!
Jumping Clay® is a biodegradable modeling clay. It is environmentally friendly and produced in Portugal with certification for use from 3 years old.
Jumping Clay® has a pleasant jasmine scent that is released as you knead. We chose jasmine because it is a scent that promotes calm and creativity.
Jumping Clay® is a clean, non-staining modeling clay. A parent-friendly plasticine, as children can play without worries.
Jumping Clay® contains antibacterial properties as it incorporates nano-silver technology that acts as a disinfectant agent while kneading.
A modeling clay that air-dries naturally. After making your creation, Jumping Clay® takes about 24 hours to dry before you can play! Learn, Create and Play!
Jumping Clay® is a unique modeling clay, very light, soft and easy to model! It’s stretchy while you wear it, very light and smooth when it dries and bounces!