Modeling Activities Instructor Course

We teach you how you can have your own business with Jumping Clay, being able to carry out your professional activity with children and adults, part-time or full-time and obtain excellent income through various activities, which you can develop from your place of residence to the whole country.

You will learn all the professional modeling techniques to be able to carry out educational, recreational, therapeutic, decorative arts and craft projects.

Discover the best modeling clay in the world, all its unique characteristics and innovative educational concept, and how to make your projects come true with Jumping Clay.

Learn to model, own your business and have fun in this Jumping Clay certified course!

What will you learn in this course?


M1 Introduction to Jumping Clay

M2 Business model

M3 Applications with Jumping Clay

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M4 Interim Training

M5 Miscellaneous Themes

M6 OAJA Final Project

Course objectives

This course has an Education through Art concept, providing a professional activity with the acquisition and development of differentiated skills, to exercise three-dimensional art and be recognized in the private art education market.

Trainees acquire the skills to develop, manage and carry out activities with JumpingClay.


People who feel a vocation to work with children and adults, professionals in the area who want to develop new skills, who have completed the 12th year of schooling and who are over 20 years old.


The course was designed and organized so that it could be carried out in about a month, in an after-work period, in a total of 50 hours.
The methodology used in this training will be mixed, being in-person (3 Saturdays) and live training, with the support of 6 thematic videos to demonstrate the various modeling techniques, provided with online assistance by the teaching team, which allows the execution of the various practical works.
You can ask questions to the trainer and obtain the respective follow-up throughout the course.

Professional outlets

With training certified by Jumping Clay, you can perform pedagogical, therapeutic and recreational functions as a Jumping Clay Instructor, in the most diverse activities, such as Workshops and Workshops, to be carried out in Schools, Nurseries, Kindergartens, ATL, Colleges, Tutoring, Community Centers, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Senior Universities, Hospitals and Clinics.
You can also provide services at home, at companies, at events and carry out your own craft and decorative arts projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

The instructor course for modeling activities is a tailor-made course, with dates always coming soon.

The duration of the course is 50 hours for 1 month.

Instructor courses for modeling activities are taught by instructors certified by the Jumping Clay Institute of Art, with extensive experience in the area of ​​training, activities, use of materials and educational concepts Jumping Clay.

All in-person or online classes will be given after work to better accommodate the needs of our trainees. They can be adjusted according to class availability.

If face-to-face training takes place, it will take place in a location to be arranged based on the location of the trainees.

Contact us via email to find out about course fees and more information.

Yes. You can pay for the course as follows:
25% of the registration fee
50% of the value with the beginning of the training
25% of the amount upon completion

If you choose to pay in full, you will have a €100 discount.

Course modules

M1 Introduction to Jumping Clay

? Training presentation

? Features analysis

? Competition

? Color mixing

? Basic Shapes

? Tools

? Basic projects

M2 Business model

? OAJA concept

? Potential markets

? Types of activities

? Jumping Clay Strategies

? Business plan

? Rights and obligations

M3 Applications with Jumping Clay

? Video 1: Fauna and Flora

? Exercises: Fauna and Flora

? Video 2: Human figures

? Exercises: Human Figures

M4 Mid-term training

? Demonstration of knowledge

? Practical project: Fauna, Flora and Human Figures

? Workshop management

? Activities with children

? Activities with adults

? Workshops with children

? Workshops with adults

? Artwork for events

? Presentation of rules for final project

M5 Miscellaneous themes

? Video 3: Theme days

? Exercises: Video 3

? Video 4: Halloween

? Exercises: Video 4

? Video 5: Christmas

? Exercises: Video 5

? Video 6: Utilities and decoration

? Exercises: Video 6

M6 Final OAJA project

? Presentation of the final project

? Knowledge assessment

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