JumpingClay Manufacturing Europe, Lda. is a Portuguese company, resulting from a joint venture with JumpingClay Korea, whose constitution in 2017, had as main purpose the implementation of a manufacturing unit for the production of JumpingClay brand products in Portugal, aiming at the development of new products, production, supply and commercialization in exclusive of JumpingClay products for Europe, Africa and the Americas.

The basis of JumpingClay products is the result of around 25 years of R & D, which resulted in a new material, a modeling mass with unique, innovative and differentiating properties (clay), associated to the concept of Educating through Art.

Associated with the JumpingClay brand, there is a franchising network, which, in addition to distributing the articles and being the brand's ambassadors, offers the market professional animation and entertainment services, based on workshops and different formats of activities, focused on pedagogical, fun and therapeutic activities.

JumpingClay originated in 1998 in South Korea and nowadays it is used worldwide by children from the age of 3 with its success due to the programs and educational concept created to demonstrate the product versatility associated to a superior quality.

In 2003, after consolidating its reputation in the Asian market, the brand launched the franchising business in Thailand.

In 2008 JumpingClay was introduced in Canada and in 2009 in Europe, starting with Ireland, Russia and Spain, followed by Portugal.

JumpingClay is expanding its network throughout the United States, South America, Africa or the United Arab Emirates introducing our business philosophy to different cultures.

Currently JumpingClay is represented by approximately 850 franchisees with more than 6,000 instructors and present in more than 45 countries and is expanding its distribution channels worldwide through agents, distributors and resellers.

JumpingClay wants to extend commercial relations to the territories of the United States of America, South America, Africa or the United Arab Emirates, in order to introduce our philosophy and business concept to different cultures

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