Make all your favourite toys!

Pokeball Tutorial | Make your favorite toys with JumpingClay!

With JumpingClay you can recreate your favorite characters and toys in fun modeling activities. Every week we present new tutorials for educational moments of great family fun! We hope you like this tutorial, let's do it?

Cherry Pie Tutorial🍒 | Make your toys with JumpingClay

Make a Cherry Pie! 🍒
In this JumpingClay tutorial we teach you how to make a cherry pie ... hummm! 😋
Show us the result of your creations! 🌈

Little Monster Tutorial | Monster fun with JumpingClay

WOOOW! Today we make a very fun monster!
In this tutorial we teach you how to make a little monster to play with! You can follow our instructions, but the goal is to make your own creation later :)

Chocolate Bar Tutorial | JumpingClay Make your Toys!

In our JumpingClay tutorial we will learn how to make a delicious chocolate tablet🍫 ... hmmm ... 😋
With JumpingClay you can make your own play foods and save them for later play!

Tik Tak Toe game Tutorial | Make your Games with JumpingClay!

Welcome to another JumpingClay tutorial! 🌈
Today you will learn how to make your own Tik Tak Toe Game! 🐓
You can create your own characters 🐞🐝 and spend days of great fun with your family!

Whale Tutorial | Create a whale with JumpingClay

JumpingClay Whale Tutorial! Today we challenge you to make a very cute blue whale :) An excellent activity to do with your family!
Get to work!

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